Saturday, March 5, 2016

Small update

I've taken a staff position on the Realms of Trinity. Doing new classes and content for them will help keep me in the community after I wrap up this rather large update. LOL

Got the warlock code cleaned up from DB (no more alignment changes to evil just for using basic abilities). Did a pass on the alchemy stuff but I need to isolate the code so I can make sure it will work without other DB files. Did a status review on the new weapons and their impact on scripts and an initial crack at the separation of Beastmaster.


  1. Nice! Beastmaster is a class I heavily want to try!

  2. Great work Kaedrin. Any news as to when this update will come out though?

  3. I see you haven't been here since March. Well, I'm the guy who bought NWN2 (diamond edition) recently. Saw your wonderful Kaedrin's PrC pack (v1.32.1). Downloaded it and I still only have the vanilla races.

    Got to checking and everything seems to have rolled to a stop in 2014. Doesn't anyone ever update their status anymore?

    Sure could use some help just getting the additional races added.



    PS - Sorry if I came off rude. Been trying to make this diamond addition run (used to plug and play)...for a month now...

    1. Have you tried 1.42?
      It was updated on Jul'15, and it's cool. I'm playing SoZ with this pack just to try as much classes as I can. Also it surely contains some interesting races.
      So NWN2 is still playable, even if Kaedrin stops his work on the pack.

    2. There is no NWN2 Diamond Edition. There is a NWN1 Diamond Edition, and a NWN2 Platinum Edition.

  4. Good luck and i hope for the finished update :D

  5. Super excited for a new update to one of the (if not THE) best mod/hakpack/whatever you want to call it for any game I've ever played. Thank you for what you're doing to keep NWN2 fresh and new every so often!

  6. Fully seconded. I actually come back and check this site once a week or so, just in case 1.46 single player gets released. Living in hope :)

  7. Is there hope for any news soon? Regardless, keep up the good work.