Monday, December 21, 2015

Long overdue update

It's scary how fast time flies considering it's been like four months now since my last post. I do apologize for the lack of communication but this always ended up losing when it came to prioritizing the crazy whirlwind of stuff going on. Not being tied to a server unfortunately made it even easier to put off. I won't bore you with the reasons but I am slowly trying to finish the 1.46 update (more on that in a bit). I'll try to catch up and reply to the comments I've read over the last two updates since they have stacked up a bit.

I've been off the staff of Dalelands since July and they haven't wanted any updates nor have I heard of any. I still log in every now and then when someone PMs me a question in order to answer it. Like any server with my stuff, they have complete permission to change or not change whatever they want. I consider the whole Dalelands subject closed as I can't see going back at this point (and not for negative reasons, simply their way of doing things isn't compatible with what I would like for doing content) so hopefully folks won't keep emailing about it (I get one every few weeks lol).

As far as Baldur's Gate - the whole thing was years and years ago and today I simply don't care. No grudge is worth carrying and I buried that hatchet years ago frankly (when I cleaned up the Nexus and Vault which was 2-3 years ago?).

Once I release a version with the source code they are free to use it (or not) at their discretion. The source code won't come with any caveats on who or what is allowed. One of items on the checklist for releasing the 1.46 update is to clear out all of the incomplete/unused descriptions from the TLK file. No chance of problems! If they wanted to use the content and ask me questions, I'd answer just like I will with any other server.

Speaking of - Realms of Trinity is waiting on the 1.46 update and I know that Realms of Darkness is looking at a re-launch and would like the source code as well. So that's two servers that are looking forward to future content and each will decide which pieces they intend to use from the set.

Which brings us to the topic of the source code. Removing the DB only source code and separating out the HyperV approved code has turned out to be a much nastier problem than I expected. It's simply the volume of files that I have to go through which is extremely tedious and time consuming. I'm also running into the problem of having a creature model hak that works for single player in order to make the Beastmaster work.

I'm working to clean out the unused descriptions (which are legion LOL) as well as add a lot more cmi_options to turn off the MP only decisions (since SP players don't care about exploits) which will hopefully restore compatibility with TonyK's AI. All of this is a lot of work!

What is likely to happen is that I will release a 1.46 update that has no Beastmaster and no source code. That way those wanting to play the game with the pack will be able to do so without much more of a delay. The 1.46.1 update will include the Beastmaster (and a separate download for an override set of creature models) and the cleaned up source code. Once I get closer to release I'll give an estimated release date but for now (and with the holidays) I feel its best to simply not give a date that I'll likely miss.

I have never and I will never take any payment for the work I've done on NWN2. It's always been in a grey area due to licensing (making money of WoTC content can get you sued or slapped with a C&D) and because of that and my job I simply don't want to deal with it. IF I were to ever be the one running a server then any funds allowed would be simply for the cost of the hardware/server rental. Frankly, I'd rather eat that out of my pocket as an entertainment expense in order to keep that clear separation of finances in place. Especially in todays day and age. :(

Combined packs have never and will never be supported by me. It's a risk when someone mashes two things together and hopes it all works out. That's just not something I have the time to chase down or even remotely want to deal with when time is such a precious commodity.

This past weekend was a free trial of Sword Coast Legends which I spent 4-5 hours trying out to see if it was any good. It was ok. It definitely showed the upsides and the downsides of a timer based skill system instead of having uses per day. It was kind of a hybrid between Dragon Age and D&D (which hewing closer to Dragon Age frankly). I realize with a max of 4 characters this will never be a replacement for NWN1/2 but it seems to be fine for doing specific stories for single player.

Maybe if they really do support it will enough over the next year or two that I'll try my hand at that single player story I've had in the back of my mind the last decade. I'd love to mod a campaign to tell that story but lack of time is and always will be the killer. Especially since it seems to have a very small community so it's probably not worth the time investment. Maybe I should just write short stories. LOL

The other thing of note I want to mention before I finish with this late lunch is that I was looking into kicking off a new NWN2 server set in the Moonshaes but that has essentially failed. We were unable to find any area builders so the whole thing was never going to get off the ground. I'm not sure there is even enough interest in a new server to spend the time on it if we did have builders. LOL.

The plans were to essentially drop a nuke on my pack and strip out of ton of the useless and OP stuff and try to generate a set of baseline classes that are open to RP in many different ways. Instead of PrCs for RP you simply go the epithet/guild route. Eh, enough of that, it's all a pipe dream!

That lack of interest will likely extend to future updates past the 1.46 series as well. I'm not sure there is enough interest between servers and the handful of single player users to justify the time I could probably spend on watching some TV shows I've put off for years. No decisions one way or the other yet, I play to get through 1.46 and see how that shakes out before making any real choices.

Thanks again for the interest you folks have (and have shown) and I wish you happy holidays (and a Merry Christmas)!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Brief note

I'll post a longer update tomorrow or Wednesday. Been overwhelmed between work and being sick for two weeks (cold - flu - sinus infection).

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Quick Update

1.46 obviously didn't get released as I ended up busy Saturday (and the time I did have Saturday morning ran into a roadblock with trying to pull the DB content) and with a migraine Sunday/Monday. Tuesday was a huge day at work and yesterday just sucked. Hopefully tonight I'll get some work on it and shoot for this coming weekend. Meh all around. I'll have a lengthier update when I get a chance (and respond to the comments this past week).

Friday, August 7, 2015

Plans for this weekend

I'm intending to release the 1.46 update sometime on Sunday. The new companion models may not be in for 1.46 though since that's going to require some wrangling for SP and MP. I don't want to hold up the release just for those models any longer. They will end up being an optional download for the release.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Favored Enemy Combat Style

I was playing around with a new ranger combat style that focuses on favored enemies. Power Attack - Favored Power Attack (all), Enhanced Power Attack - Bane of Enemies.

I'd like to give it Supreme Power Attack and maybe change the Two-Handed style to have a different feat at 21 (maybe one that grants an extra attack).

Mmmmmm. Food for thought. Anyone have an opinion on it?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Slow week!

I haven't had much free time this past week but the little I have had I played around with some long term fun projects. Hopefully after this weekend I'll get back to full steam here on NWN2 content. In the meantime, here are the two screenshots for the project:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I found some very old project files and some teasers to go with them. No promises that they will ever be finished but here you go...

Weapons slightly delayed

Worked an 11 hour day and didn't feel like dealing with the toolset so it will be tomorrow or Thursday depending on what happens for dinner tomorrow.

The VPS looks to be good to go but I want to finish 1.46 before I get the temptation to start screwing with setting up a server. LOL

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weapon release tomorrow

Tomorrow night I'll be releasing the new weapons from 1.46. They won't have the script support for my content (like oversized TWF, etc) until 1.46 hits but they will work in general (and without the rest of my content).

I almost pulled the trigger on the VPS till I read something about them not being great for NWN2 so I'm going to wait till I get a response back before going for it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A birthday and two migraines

One year older, a few parties, and a couple of migraines pretty much polished off the week. I've obviously had little time to mess with NWN2 but I'm back at it today.

One thing I was playing with is expanding my NWN2 utility to export raw text straight from the game for all of my custom descriptions. That means I can automatically export all the descriptions I'll need for feats, spells, classes, etc for every version without having to do any of that crap manually. I can even have it export into a format that plays nice with the Wikidot format with a few caveats (game tags that wikidot doesn't support will still be there).

I'll probably wrap that project up after I get 1.46 done since I'll need to update all of those descriptions anyway.

WeBeHostin didn't work out so I'm looking at the VPS for a test server though it's a low priority compared to getting 1.46 finished.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kaedrin's Super VFX Set

These are some of the possible VFX skins I have done that are now available to the community. The current count is 222 skins and the pack is 133 megs in size (7zip format).

They are in the VFX list on the creature's properties.  It's just like picking a normal spell vfx, ghost vfx, stoneskin vfx, etc. They can also be applied via script. You will find them in the sp_skin_1 to sp_skin_222 range of the visual effects dropdown when editing creatures.

This thread has about 60 of the skins displayed: (link is external)

The images below show the process and three of the skins being demonstrated.

The first shows where you pick the VFX. VFX2 is the original mindflayer. VFX3-5 are just 3 of the skins/vfx applied to the same mindflayer to give it a different look/purpose.

Using these you can make plantlike creatures that are using a different model, partially shadow or elemental creatures, various types of stone creatures, etc etc.  All of the skins I did start with sp_skin_ so you can just paste that into the VFX_ line and you jump straight to my skins. I think the sheer variety and amazing look these can add would really punch up the game for a lot of players without even getting new models (just by re-using the models we do have).

I can also generate new skins in about a minute a piece once I get the tool set back up again.  I just need a high resolution image (the sky, metal textures, web textures, leaves, ANYTHING) and I can turn it into a skin.  The original format (jpeg, TGA, BMP, etc) doesn't matter as I convert them to TGA and then into DDS files. There are 3 files per skin (1 tga, 1 dds, and 1 sef).

The bigger the model, though, generally the worse the skins look *unless* the models were neatly broken into subpieces.  It's hard to explain but as you experiment you will see. What looks great on one model can look like crap on another.

I hope you enjoy it and if folks want more I enjoy creating these as a nice creative diversion. You can download the VFX pack from either or


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A VPS server for testing content

I'm looking into getting a VPS server for testing content (which might be used as a PW later) and I've got my eye on one company but if anyone has any experience with this and would like to let me know I'd love to hear about it.

Currently I'm looking at and their Professional Windows VPS version specifically.

You can email me at if you have any insights you want to share.

It has to be a US company that does the VPS hosting. I'm also looking into as a possible place to rent a server that already has NWN2 set up but I'm not sure they meet the requirements (RDP, SQLite/MySQL, server patches, etc).

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fun fact: Feral Shifter is functionally complete! I was going over my work in progress projects last night and realized I had finished it for a single form. I may polish it up and finish it since it shares a lot of the forms with the new Beastmaster pets.

I also found early progress I did on an Artificer (golem servant), a Necromancer (4 pets), the elementalist (elemental warlock style), and the Songblade. I knew I had a few base classes sitting around 50% I shelved to work on other stuff. LOL

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beta testing the new weapons

If anyone would like to beta test the new weapons from 1.46 please send me an email at and I'll send you a dropbox link to the new TLK and the blueprints.

You will not need to have my content installed but you will need to use the command console found in the game (~ key).  The email will have the brief description of how to spawn the item you need to access the store that sells all of the new gear.

As an FYI, I've updated the 1.46 section of the changelog post with the last of the details on the new weapons:
I may slip in some tweaks to Barbarian while I'm working on 1.47

The tweaks can be found here:

To start with I may just fold in the passive upgrades at 2, 4, and 10th.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Small update today, tons of free time tomorrow!

I spent a few hours working on the warlock caster level issue and testing the new weapons in the 1.46 update. Tomorrow I'm hoping to wrap up the BM fears and a couple more bug fixes and then I'll finish removing the DB content. That may take me a little more time but I expect the update to be released before next weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Updates for 1.46 and 1.47

Heavy Pick and Pickaxe have been added to 1.47 after I found the new models that NiceThugBert did a few years ago. I'm going to push the Mattock from 1.46 to 1.47 to use these models as well. To make up for it, I added the Broadsword to 1.46. LOL I've updated the weapon descriptions to include how many hands you need to use for the weapon.

It's scary how much time has passed since I started doing this content. I cleaned up the Nexus a few years ago to where it didn't list the argument I had with one of the servers and I thought I did the same with the new NWVault when it launched. Turns I didn't for whatever reason. I cleaned it up last week. Years. YEARS have gone by. Scary. Scary, Scary. C'est la vie

1.46 comprehensive change notes

You can find a draft version of the changes that have happened since 1.42.1 here: This is for the upcoming 1.46 update that is nearly finished.

In addition, here is a status on the new base classes that are currently in development:
Beastmaster: 95%
Knight: 80%
Armiger: 70%
Tactician: 50%
Marshal: 30%
Alchemist: 5%
Feral Shifter: 40%
Dark Necromancer: 15%

The rest of the base classes on my New Base Class post are possibles for now. It depends on how fast I get the ones listed above finished and how well they are received on how many more I do.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marshal and other melee base classes..

While finalizing the description of the Knight today I was strongly debating adding the Marshal to the list for the melee base class update. Decisions, Decisions. Knight + Marshal  + Skald + Armiger + Tactician + Fighter. The perfect sixpack of melee death? Maybe Gladiator or Tempest instead of Fighter?

I've been toying with a few ideas during lunches as well about how to build a solid necromancer that isn't really a spellcaster (more "Dr Frankenstein for the Undead" than caster_10001 that summons undead).

Updates to the new weapons in 1.46 and 1.47

They now have details on the main post. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be working to wrap up the Practiced Invoker issue and then I'll get back to finishing up Beastmaster and stripping out the Dalelands content.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More items for 1.47 and a critical bugfix for 1.46

 A critical engine bug was found with Practiced Invoker that I'm trying to fix. The flaw is that the engine sets the caster level to 0 and only lets you get 2d6 damage total when practiced invoker is used to stack eldritch blast for your character sheet. For some reason the engine loses the fact you have 17 levels of warlock when you add extra dice beyond what warlock normally gets. It actually defaults to a 0 CL returned from the GetCasterLevel function. POS!

As for 1.47: I'm actually am trying to keep it from bloating too big! With a focus on martial classes it makes sense to look into some additional love for them. This of course doesn't include the new armor and shield fields that will be part of the Knight/Armiger yet. Those will be added to the list soon enough.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Some additions to 1.47

I was looking over the Nexus and saw a few items I really want to add in to the pack to make them available on PWs using my content.  Credit to the authors is listed in the 1.47 update bullets with the actual items added.

New items: Whips, Dire Flails, a vfx for sleeping (Z's floating above the head. I'll try to make it a new emote but it will be a free epithet feat if not), and a vfx for playing music (music notes above the head, same as the sleeping vfx for implementation).

I'll be looking at some new item properties as well both to expand the set that is there and to try and add my new base classes to the class restriction set of item properties.

Something for 1.48 and beyond is I'll finish the tool I wrote a few years ago to auto-generate all the needed caster levels for scrolls/potions and finish the project where I put some of my spells onto scrolls/potions. For the record, the bulk of my content will NOT be put onto scrolls/potions because scrolls/potions/wands are already abused to hell and back. I'll document the "How" for servers/module authors.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
I may look into adding a few new feats for two-handed weapons. Powerful Grip, Powerful Blows, Spinning Halberd, etc

Thursday, July 2, 2015

1.46 and 1.47 changelogs

This will track what is planned for the 1.46 and 1.47 update.

Green is done. Blue is in testing. 

1.46 Update
  • New Base Class: Beastmaster
  • New Background Feat: Pack Hunter
  • New Feat: Spirited Pack Warfare
  • New Feat: Companion Shielding
  • New Feat: Greater Nature's Gift
  • New Feat:  Improved Natural Attack
  • New animal companions available (optional download)
  • Ashbound feat now accepts Telthor Companion and Beastmaster Companion
  • Changes to existing scripts that check for weapon types to support the new weapons.
  • Critical fix for engine bug with Practiced Invoker causing Eldritch Blasts to only deal 2d6 regardless of what your blast die should be/shows on the character sheet.  
  • Fix for Hexblade's Mirror Image shorting out after one hit 
  • New Weapon: Bec de Corbin (Martial, Halberd, Blunt or Piercing Damage, d10, 20, x3, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Bardiche (Martial, Halberd, Slashing and Piercing, d10, 19-20, x2, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Guisarme (Martial, Halberd, Slashing only, 2d4, 20, x3, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Fauchard (Exotic, Halberd, Slashing and Piercing, d10, 18-20, x2, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Lucerne Hammer (Martial, Warhammer, Blunt or Piercing Damage, d12, 20, x2, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Dwarven Longhammer (Exotic, Warhammer, Blunt, 2d6, 20, x3, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Shortspear (Martial, Spear, Piercing, d6, 20, x2, One-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Pike (Exotic, Spear, Piercing, d10, 20, x3, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Hooked Spear (Martial, Spear, Piercing, d8, 20, x4, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Ranseur (Martial, Spear, Piercing, 2d4, 20, x3, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Elven Curve Blade (Exotic, Greatsword, Slashing and Piercing, d10, 18-20, x2, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Maul  (Martial, Warmace, Blunt, 2d6, 20, x3, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Great Flail (Martial, Flail, Blunt, d10, 19-20, x2, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Broadsword (Martial, Longsword, Slashing and Piercing, 2d4, 20, x2, One-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Heavy Flail (Martial, Flail, d8, Blunt, 19-20, x2, One-Handed) (Added in 1.41, default Flail now)
  •  New Weapon: Flail (xyz, some flails use this baseitems rule)

1.47 Update
  • New Spell: Heal Light Wounds (level 2 ranged Cure Light Wounds)
  • New Spell: Heal Moderate Wounds (level 3 ranged Cure Moderate Wounds)
  • New Spell: Heal Serious Wounds (level 4 ranged Cure Serious Wounds)
  • New Spell: Heal Critical Wounds (level 5 ranged Cure Critical Wounds)
  • New Spell: Heal Wounds (level 7 ranged Heal) 
  • New Feat: Healer of the Land ((Add spell's level x2 to the amount of healed on others)
  • Augment Healing now correctly affects all healing spells (such as Mass Cure spells) 
  • Fiery Fist and Fiery Ki Defense are now instant feats
  • New Feat: Mystical Healer ?
  • New Feat: Healing Touch?
  • New Ranger Combat Style: Combat Insight
  • New PrC: Arbalest (Marksman with Heavy Crossbow)
  • New Ranger Combat Style: Crossbow
  • New Ranger Combat Style: Shield 
  • New Feat: Shield Evasion ? 
  • New Base Class: Knight
  • New Base Class: Armiger
  • New Base Class: Tactician
  • New Feat: Powerful Grip ? (Additional 1/2 Str bonus for damage with Two-Handed Weapons)
  • New Prestige Class: Hulking Hurler (throwing weapon specialist) 
  • New Weapon: Spiked Chain (Courtesy of 4760)
  • New Weapon: Bladed Whip (Courtesy of 4760)
  • New Weapon: Whip (Courtesy of 4760)
  • New Weapon: Dire Flail (Courtesy of 4760)
  • New Emote/Ability: Sleeping (Z's appear above you) (Courtesy of Tchos, pending permission)
  • New Emote/Ability: Music (Music notes appear above you) (Courtesy of Tchos, pending permission)
  • New Item Properties 
  • New Weapons: Mattock, Pickaxe, Heavy Pick
  • New Weapon: Heavy Pick (Martial, Piercing, d6, 20, x4, One-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Pickaxe (Martial, Piercing, d8, 20, x4, Two-Handed) 
  • New Weapon: Mattock (Exotic, Warmace, 2d4, 20, x4, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Whip (Exotic, Slashing, d3, 20, x3, One-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Bladed Whip (Exotic, Slashing, d8, 19-20, x2, One-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Spiked Chain (Exotic, Piercing, 2d4, 20, x2, Two-Handed)
  • New Weapon: Dire Flail (Exotic, Double-Weapon, d8, 20, x2, Two-Handed)
Last Update: Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Currently in progress...

I'm taking a break from the Dalelands server. In the meantime, I'm working to remove the DB specific changes from my baseline so that I can create a new SP and MP release of my 1.46 release. It will include the Beastmaster, a revamped Cure spell system (augment correctly working, new feats, new spells), support for an Arcane version of the Sacred Fist, a Heavy Xbow version of the Marksman, and all of the changes since the 1.42.1 update was released.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The search begins

I need to find a host (or likely a VPS) for a server. Decisions, Decisions.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PW Ruleset Idea # 1

Updated July 6th, 2015

Levels 1-20 only with no prestige classes.

Possible base class set:

Arcane Disciple (Ki and a staff)
Arcane Marksman (arcane archer as a base class, any specific ranged weapon)
Armiger (Heavy armor titan)
Artificer (crafting, constructs, item buffs)
Barbarian (medium armor, rage)
Bloodrager (barbaric sorcerer with blood magic)
Brawler (unarmed master of combat)
Champion (to Battle Scion, Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Duskblade, Hexblade, Bladesinger/Songblade)
Dark Paladin (only if custom spellbooks to hide good only spells, otherwise Champion)
Dragonfire Adept (breath weapon specialist)
Dread Necromancer
Druid (druid without wildshape, maybe without companion)
Elemental Singer (integrate into Bladesinger?)
Hexblade (integrate into Champion?)
Nightblade (casting assassin)
Priest (caster of a faith, maybe cleric if Healer is in)
Shadowblade (martial assassin)
Shaman (spirit totems, party buffs)
Shifter (druid without spells or companion)
Songblade (bladesinger as a base class? sword saint?)
Tactician (or Strategist)
Weave Walker (bamf)
Witch Hunter

Archer types (overview notes)
Arcane Marksman

Marshal (like Skald but more military less story)
Fury - Sonic and Lightning
Spellweaver - Sings fragments of magic into a dynamic song/effect set

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Updates resume

The 1.45 update is finally completed and delivered to Dalelands so now I'll work to strip their stuff out of my baseline and generate a new SP and MP version for the community.

In the meantime when I'm not doing the aforementioned tedious/boring thing I've got the Armiger in game and undergoing initial trials. It shares a lot of the same foundation as the Knight and Tactician so once the Armiger passes the initial stage I'll cycle the others and start working on the unique features of each (instead of the common set of feats).  There should be a lot of new combat feats in this update as well as I've been playing with a few on the Armiger. LOL

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Feral Shifter

It's sad/hilarious but I forgot to put Feral Shifter into the possible class bucket.

Feral Shifter
[spoiler]This is a base class. You may not take any other class (base or prestige).

Class Features

HD: d6
BAB: High
High Saves: Fort, Ref
Weapon proficiency: Simple, Creature
Armor proficiency: None

Class Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Craft Alchemy, Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Craft Trap, Disable Device, Intimidate, Healing, Hide, Listen, Lore, Move Silently, Search, Set Trap, Spot, Survival, and Tumble
Skill points: 4 + Int modifier

Class Abilities

Level 1: Damage Reduction 5/Alchemical Silver, Chosen Form
Level 2: Weapon Focus (Bite)
Level 3: Multiattack
Level 4: +1 Enhanced Claws
Level 5: Bonus Feat: Improved Critical (Creature Weaponry)
Level 6: Fast Healing 1
Level 7: Improved Damage I
Level 8: +2 Enhanced Claws
Level 9: Trapfinding
Level 10: Bonus Feat: Weapon Specialization (Creature Weaponry)
Level 11: Damage Reduction 10/Alchemical Silver
Level 12: +3 Enhanced Claws, Fast Healing 2
Level 13: Nature's Recovery
Level 14:
Level 15: Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Focus (Creature Weaponry)
Level 16: +4 Enhanced Claws
Level 17: Improved Damage II
Level 18: Fast Healing 3
Level 19:
Level 20: +5 Enhanced Claws, Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Specialization (Creature Weaponry)
Level 21: Damage Reduction 15/Alchemical Silver
Level 22:
Level 23: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 24: +6 Enhanced Claws, Fast Healing 4
Level 25: Bonus Feat: Epic Weapon Focus (Creature Weaponry)
Level 26: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 27: Improved Damage III
Level 28: +7 Enhanced Claws
Level 29: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 30: Fast Healing 5, Bonus Feat: Epic Weapon Specialization (Creature Weaponry)

Chosen Form: You choose the shape you always assume from the following list: wolf, dire wolf, worg, telthor wolf, bear, dire bear, leopard, werewolf (requires lythari), black/bronze dragonling (requires spellscale) and spider (2 types?).

Physical stats in feral form are 14 plus half your level (improves on even levels). Base damage is d8.

Improved Damage: Your base damage increases from d6 to d8 at 7th. It improves again at 17th level to 2d6 and again at 27th level to 3d6.

Nature's Recovery: This ability has a five minute cooldown and allows a feral shifter to regenerate 25% of their total hit points while out of combat.

Equipment properties transfer to the feral form just like a druid. You can shift at will with no limit.

Final Stats (level 30 Feral Shifter)
Strength: 29
Dexterity: 29
Constitution: 29
Armor Class: 36 (10 + 9 Dex + 17 Nat AC) (Could boost by adding defl, dodge, and armor enh from items)
Damage: 3d6 + 9 (Strength) +7 (Enhance) +8 (Wpn Spec)

Keep in mind you will not be able to use any activated feats while shifted due to engine limitations (such as knockdown, etc).

UMD will not be available to the class.[/spoiler]

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dragonfire Adept

Dragonfire Adept

Whether they are bold champions defending the weak and downtrodden, or merciless raiders seeking might and riches, dragonfire adepts are imposing figures who command the magic of dragonkind. Able to call upon a dragon's fiery breath and augment themselves with spell-like abilities, dragonfire adepts have access to powers normally beyond the reach of mortals.

Dragonfire adepts have no arcane or divine magic, nor are they masters of martial prowess. Instead, they draw upon a driect link wtih the nature of draconic existence, infusing their soul with the raw magic of dragons. Cunning, hearty, and learned, dragonfire adepts can be warleaders or sages with equal ease.

Evil dragonfire adepts are cruel tyrants who impose their will on others, seeking to control the land, build strongholds, and amass vast treasures. Good dragonfire adepts are champions of justice and freedom, using their powers to aid others.

The DC for a dragonfire adept's breath weapon is based on Constitution, while her invocations are based on Charisma.

This is a base class.

Class Features

HD: d8
BAB: Low
High Saves: Fort, Will
Weapon proficiency: Simple.
Armor proficiency: None.

Class Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Craft Armor, Craft Alchemy, Craft Weapons, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Listen, Lore, Search, Spellcraft, Spot, and Use Magic Device.
Skill points: 4 + Int modifier

Class Abilities

Level 1: Breath Weapon (1d6), Dragontouched, Least Invocations, 1 Invocation Known
Level 2: Breath Effect, Scales +2
Level 3: Breath Weapon (2d6), 2 Invocations Known
Level 4: Dragonkin
Level 5: Breath Weapon (3d6), Breath Effect
Level 6: DR 2/Magic, Lesser Invocations, 3 Invocations Known
Level 7: Breath Weapon (4d6)
Level 8: Scales +3, 4 Invocations Known
Level 9: Breath Weapon (5d6)
Level 10: Breath weapon range doubles, Breath Effect
Level 11: Breath Weapon (6d6), Greater Invocations, 5 Invocations Known
Level 12: Breath Effect
Level 13: Scales +4, 6 Invocations Known
Level 14: Breath Weapon (7d6)
Level 15: Breath Effect
Level 16: DR 5/Magic, Dark Invocations, 7 Invocations Known
Level 17: Breath Weapon (8d6)
Level 18: Scales +5, 8 Invocations Known
Level 19: Immunities
Level 20: Breath Weapon (9d6), Breath Effect
Level 21:
Level 22: Breath Weapon (10d6), Breath Effect
Level 23: Bonus Epic Feat, Scales +6
Level 24: Breath Weapon (11d6)
Level 25: Breath Effect
Level 26: Bonus Epic Feat, DR 9/Magic, Breath Weapon (12d6)
Level 27:
Level 28: Breath Weapon (13d6), Scales +7
Level 29: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 30: Breath Weapon (14d6), Breath Effect

Dragonfire Adepts get bonus epic feats at 23, 26, and 29.

Invocations: A dragonfire adept has a repertoire of attacks, defense, and other abilities known as draconic invocations, which allow her to focus the draconic energy that suffuses her soul. A dragonfire adept may use any invocation she knows at will. At each levelup you may choose to replace one invocation with another.

These invocations are drawn from the Warlock list (and some specific to the dragonfire adept) and are identical in all respects. They are subject to arcane spell failure. A dragonfire adept's caster level with her invocations is equal to her class level.

Breath Weapon: At 1st level, you gain a breath weapon that you can use at will. Each time you use your breath weapon, you can choose whether it takes the form of a 15-foot cone or a 30-foot line. This breath weapon deals 1d6 points of fire damage; a successful Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your class level + your Con modifier) halves the damage. The damage improves as you increase your level.

At 10th level, your cone-shaped breath weapon's range doubles to 30 feet, and your line-shaped breath weapon's range doubles to 60 feet.

Dragontouched: At 1st level, you gain Dragontouched as a bonus feat.

Breath Effect: A levels 2, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 22, 25, and 30 you can select a new breath effect listed below for which you meet the minimum level prerequisite. These breath effects can alter your breath weapon's damage type or area, or apply a condition to targets in place of damage. You choose from one shape (cone, line, and cloud) along with one of the essences. You can only apply an essence which is valid for a given shape (such as lightning breath can not be used with the cone or cloud shapes).

Choices available at level 2+: Frost Breath, Lightning Breath
Choices available at level 5+ : Acid Breath, Shaped Breath, Slow Breath, Weakening Breath
Choices available at level 10+ : Cloud Breath, Enduring Breath, Thunder Breath
Choices available at level 15+ : Discorporating Breath of Bahamut, Force Breath, Paralyzing Breath, Fivefold Breath of Tiamat

Details on the breath effects can be found below:

Frost Breath (Essence): Your cone or cloud shaped breath weapon deals cold damage.
Lightning Breath (Essence): Your line-shaped breath weapon deals electricity damage.
Acid Breath (Essence): Your breath weapon deals cold damage.
Shaped Breath: Your breath weapons no longer affect allies (all shapes/essences gain this benefit).
Slow Breath (Essence): Your cone or cloud shaped breath weapon slows enemies for 2 rounds (1 round with a Fort save), dispels haste, and inflicts a -1 Penalty to Reflex, AC, and attack rolls.
Weakening Breath (Essence): Your cone or cloud shaped breath weapon inflicts a -6 Strength penalty on enemies for 4 rounds (2 with a Fort save).
Cloud Breath (Shape): Your breath weapon becomes a 20' radius cloud centered on yourself.
Enduring Breath (Essence): Your breath weapon deals full damage the first round, and half damage the second round.
Thunder Breath (Essence): Your cone or cloud shaped breath weapon deals sonic damage and uses a Fort save instead of Reflex save for half damage.
Discorporating Breath of Bahamut (Essence): Your line-shaped breath weapon deals double damage and you take twice your class level in damage (4x if evil). You can not use your breath weapon for two rounds.
Force Breath (Essence): Your line-shaped breath weapon deals magic damage.
Paralyzing Breath (Essence): Your cone or cloud shaped breath weapon paralyzes enemies for one round (Fort save negates).
Fivefold Breath of Tiamat (Essence): You breath a cone of acid, cone of cold, cone of fire, line of acid, and line of electricity that each deals normal damage (and allows for the Reflex save) while you suffer twice your class level in damage (4x if good). You can not use your breath weapon for two rounds.

Scales: At 2nd level, your skin becomes thick and scaly, granting you a +2 bonus to your natural armor. This bonus improves to +3 at 8th level, +4 at 13th level, +5 at 18th level, +6 at 23rd level, and +7 at 28th level. This does not stack with other sources of natural armor.

Dragonkin: At 4th level, you gain immunity to fear.

Immunities: At 19th level, you gain immunity to paralysis and sleep effects.

Prestige Classes:
Levels of prestige classes that provide +1 level of spellcasting effectively stack with the dragonfire adept's level to determine her breath weapon damage and save DC. She also gains new invocations (and caster level for the invocation) at each prestige class level as though she had risen a level in the dragonfire adept.

The following prestige classes advance spellcasting and are open to the Dragonfire adept: Doomlord, Dragonslayer, Knight of Tierdrial, and Stormsinger.


New Feat: Extra Draconic Invocation
New Feat: Dragontouched
New Feat: Ability Focus (Dragonbreath)
New Feat: Ability Focus (Draconic Invocation)
New Feat: Draconic Aura (see Dragon Shaman for the Auras) (The aura grants a +1 bonus when taken. For dragonfire adepts the bonus improves to +2 at 7th level, +3 at 14th level, +4 at 20th level, and a +5 bonus at 27th level. It does not stack with Dragon Shaman auras)
New Feat: Double Draconic Aura
New Feats: Epic Dragon Breath (+1d6) through Epic Dragon Breath (+10d6)
New Feat: Entangling Exhalation
New Feat: Practiced Invoker

New Item: Dragon Spirit Cincture - A belt-slot item that adds +1d6 to breath weapon damage and +1 to your breath weapon's DC.

See the handbook for short descriptions of the invocations (they typically get 2 invocations from each tier)
Least Invocations:

   Beguiling Influence
   Draconic Knowledge
   Endure Exposure (party becomes immune to your breath weapon)
   Magic Insight
   Scalding Gust
   See the Unseen

Lesser Invocations:

   Energy Resistance
   Frightful Presence
   Voracious Dispelling
   Walk Unseen

Greater Invocations:

   Aura of Flame (much better than in PnP due to NWN limitations)
   Baleful Geas (as Dominate Monster)
   Chilling Fog
   Devour Magic
   Draconic Toughness
   Terrifying Roar

Dark Invocations:

   Energy Immunity
   Instill Vulnerability
   Perilous Veil (as Retributive Invisibility)

I may or may not bend the rules to add the following (depends on how it goes)
Scaled One's Own Luck (as Dark One's Own Luck) - Least
Flamebound Glaive (as Eldritch Glaive) - Lesser
Draconic Frenzy (as Flee the Scene) - Lesser
Draconic Foresight (as Dark Foresight) - Dark
Word of Scales (as Word of Changing) - Dark


HD: d8
BAB: High
High Saves: Fort, Will
Weapon proficiency: Simple and Martial.
Armor proficiency: All Armor and Shields (except tower).

Class Skills: Bluff, Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Heal, Listen, Lore, Parry, Perform, Spot, Survival, Taunt, and Tumble
Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier

Class Abilities

Level 1: Demoralize Opponent, Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Level 2: Inspiring Aura +1, Aura choice
Level 3: Bonus Feat
Level 4: Adrenaline Burst 1/day, Aura choice
Level 5:
Level 6: Aura choice
Level 7: Inspiring Aura +2
Level 8: Adrenaline Burst 2/day, Aura choice
Level 9:
Level 10: Aura choice
Level 11:
Level 12: Adrenaline Burst 3/day, Aura choice
Level 13:
Level 14: Inspiring Aura +3, Aura choice
Level 15:
Level 16: Adrenaline Burst 4/day, Aura choice
Level 17:
Level 18:
Level 19:
Level 20: Adrenaline Burst 5/day, Inspiring Aura +4
Level 21:
Level 22:
Level 23: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 24: Adrenaline Burst 6/day
Level 25: Inspiring Aura +5
Level 26: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 27:
Level 28: Adrenaline Burst 7/day
Level 29: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 30: Inspiring Aura +6

Auras affect all allies within 60' of the marshal as well as the marshal. An aura is used in the same was as a bardic inspiration and as such only a single ability can be active at any given time (inspiring aura or bardic inspiration).

Inspiring Aura: Beginning at 2nd level, a marshal can project an inspiring aura. An aura lets allies add +1 to certain rolls. This bonus improves by +1 at 7th, 14th, 20th, 25th, and 30th level. You gain an additional aura known at each even level. All of your aura's provide a bonus to all saves equal to half your Charisma bonus and a +1 bonus to all skills for every 6 levels of Marshal you have.

Hardy Soldiers: The marshal's allies gain damage reduction x/- equal to the amount of bonus the aura provides.
Motivate Ardor: Bonus on damage rolls.
Motivate Care: Bonus to Dodge Armor Class.
Resilient Troops: Bonus on all saves.
Motivate Attack: Bonus on attack rolls.
Vigor: You and your party heal 1 point for every two points of your aura bonus each round.
Energy Shield: Any creature striking you or your ally is dealt 2 points of energy damage for each point of your aura bonus. The energy type is chosen when you activate the aura from the following choices: acid, cold, electricity, or fire.
Resistance: Resistance to a chosen energy type equal to 5 x your aura bonus. The choices are acid, cold, electricity, or fire.

Adrenaline Boost: Starting at 4th level, you can exhort your allies to discover a reservoir of energy they didn't think they had. Once per day, as a standard action, you can grant temporary hit points equal to your marshal level to all of your allies within 30 feet (but not to yourself). If the ally's current hit point total is less than half his normal hit points, the number of temporary hit points granted to that character is doubled. The temporary hit points last for up to 1 minute per marshal level. You gain an additional use for every 4 levels of marshal you gain past 4th. At 20th level you grant your allies 1 point of regeneration for 1 minute.

New Feats:
Double Aura (run two auras) - Requires Marshal 16. When used, choose from 5 major aura choices (excluding Resilient Troops, Resistance, and Energy Shield) as to what the second aura is. Will fail if the chosen aura is already active (or the player does not yet have the aura).
Improved Aura (+1 bonus)
Rally (provides 3 round haste with Adrenaline Burst, always treats target as below 50% life
Extra Adrenaline Burst I-III (+2/day)
Epic Aura (+2 bonus) replaces improved aura.


[color=red]Edit for clarity: Bard, Knight, and Marshal +AB/Dmg bonuses will NOT stack.[/color]

Monday, February 16, 2015

Reserve feat upgrade

Changes I have slated:

1. d6 damage for all except acidic splatter and invisible needle.
2. d3 + 3 damage for acidic splatter and invisible needle
3. Umbral Shadow has a duration equal to half the spell level, 5% even on a save
4. New feat adds half the spell level to DC, rounded up (maximum +5)
5. New epic feat replaces #4 to have a DC = Spell level (max +9)
6. New feat to bypass resists
7. New feat to add secondary effects exactly like the orb spells
8. Sickening Grasp has a penalty equal to half the spell level (-2 minimum)
9. Reserve feats no long damage allies
10. Area of effect improved
11. Invis Needle uses a fort effect


I'm working on a concept for an Intelligence based melee base class (full BAB) called the Tactician.

It will have the ability to switch between three combat styles (offensive, defensive, utility).

Offensive style will boost your melee damage by your Int mod.
Defensive style will boost your dodge AC by your Int mod.
Utility style will boost your saves and skills by half your Int mod.

Each style will add an additional benefit to the commands.

You have activated "commands" that last maybe 3 rounds and have a five round cooldown. All commands share a 2 round cooldown when used (so you can have two abilities up during the five rounds). They affect all (valid) players in your party and improve based on the quantity.

Examples of commands:

"Charge and Flank!" - Gain 150% movement speed and 1d6 sneak for every player or companion in the party (maximum 5d6). Offensive style grants an additional 1d6 sneak (maximum 6d6). Defensive style grants the Sprint Attack feat. Utility style grants an additional 50% movement speed.

"Form Shield Wall!" - Grant +2 shield enhance AC for each player in the party with a shield (maximum +8). Offensive style grants a 1d6 damage shield. Defensive style grants 10% physical damage immunity per player in the party (maximum 50%). Utility style adds 1 point of regen per player in the party.

"None Shall Fall!" - Grant temporary hit points equal to your Tactician level plus your Int modifier times the number of players in the party (maximum 80). Offensive style grants 25% more temporary hit points (100 max). Defensive style grants Critical Hit immunity. Utility style grants Knockdown immunity.

"Take Cover!" - Grants 10% concealment per player in the party (maximum 50%) and -1 AB per 5 levels of the target. Offensive style does not have an AB penalty. Defensive style grants +2 deflection AC per player party member (maximum +8). Utility style grants an additional 20% concealment against ranged attacks (maximum 70%).

"Regroup and Focus!" - Grants 5 points of regen for each player in the party (maximum +25). Offensive style grants +1 AB per player in the party (maximum +5). Defensive style grants an extra 2 regen for each player in the party (maximum +35). Utility style grants +1 all skills for each player in the party (maximum +5) and three times that in +Healing.

"Kill Them All!"  - Grants a +2 damage bonus for each player in the party (maximum +8). Offensive style grants a +2 AB bonus. Defensive style grants a 1d6 damage shield. Utility style grants a 33% move speed buff.

Moonshaes PW Ruleset

In my free time I've been working on ideas for a PW set in the Moonshaes and what content would be appropriate for the setting.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Source code for the next release

The source code for the next release will not have any licensing and will be open to the community. I'll keep the license up for the stuff I'm working on but once it is released it will be available to anyone. I'm still sorting out the what/when so it could be a few weeks (or more, depending on a few things).

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NWN2 test server

I'm looking into putting up a test server where I can test new content but I lack any experience or knowledge in getting a server off the ground. There is actually a service that will host gaming servers including nwn2 but I'd need some help with what software actually needs to be installed (such as nwnx and Skywings fixes) and how to set it up.

If anyone knows how to do this or can recommend someone to talk to I would appreciate the help. I'd like to run a character builder server where new content shows up for testing and possibly a new PW ruleset.

Thanks in advance!