Monday, July 6, 2015

Some additions to 1.47

I was looking over the Nexus and saw a few items I really want to add in to the pack to make them available on PWs using my content.  Credit to the authors is listed in the 1.47 update bullets with the actual items added.

New items: Whips, Dire Flails, a vfx for sleeping (Z's floating above the head. I'll try to make it a new emote but it will be a free epithet feat if not), and a vfx for playing music (music notes above the head, same as the sleeping vfx for implementation).

I'll be looking at some new item properties as well both to expand the set that is there and to try and add my new base classes to the class restriction set of item properties.

Something for 1.48 and beyond is I'll finish the tool I wrote a few years ago to auto-generate all the needed caster levels for scrolls/potions and finish the project where I put some of my spells onto scrolls/potions. For the record, the bulk of my content will NOT be put onto scrolls/potions because scrolls/potions/wands are already abused to hell and back. I'll document the "How" for servers/module authors.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
I may look into adding a few new feats for two-handed weapons. Powerful Grip, Powerful Blows, Spinning Halberd, etc

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