Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More items for 1.47 and a critical bugfix for 1.46

 A critical engine bug was found with Practiced Invoker that I'm trying to fix. The flaw is that the engine sets the caster level to 0 and only lets you get 2d6 damage total when practiced invoker is used to stack eldritch blast for your character sheet. For some reason the engine loses the fact you have 17 levels of warlock when you add extra dice beyond what warlock normally gets. It actually defaults to a 0 CL returned from the GetCasterLevel function. POS!

As for 1.47: I'm actually am trying to keep it from bloating too big! With a focus on martial classes it makes sense to look into some additional love for them. This of course doesn't include the new armor and shield fields that will be part of the Knight/Armiger yet. Those will be added to the list soon enough.

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