Thursday, July 9, 2015

Updates for 1.46 and 1.47

Heavy Pick and Pickaxe have been added to 1.47 after I found the new models that NiceThugBert did a few years ago. I'm going to push the Mattock from 1.46 to 1.47 to use these models as well. To make up for it, I added the Broadsword to 1.46. LOL I've updated the weapon descriptions to include how many hands you need to use for the weapon.

It's scary how much time has passed since I started doing this content. I cleaned up the Nexus a few years ago to where it didn't list the argument I had with one of the servers and I thought I did the same with the new NWVault when it launched. Turns I didn't for whatever reason. I cleaned it up last week. Years. YEARS have gone by. Scary. Scary, Scary. C'est la vie


  1. Wow! Really impressive progress. You are very creative and hard working. I like most of the stuff I see here. I love pickaxes. However, I do think that the factotum deserves a bit more love. Int to hit and saving throws is central to the class, and Int to AC could come a bit earlier. What about 1.45? Is that only for DB, or will it be released? Best of luck!

  2. The 1.43 series and 1.45 series are being folded into the 1.46 update along with it's new content for a public release (single player and multiplayer). The "complete" changelog lists all of that detail though it's missing a few of the feats and spells I still have to diff what was in 1.42.1 vs what is in my current baseline.