Sunday, July 19, 2015

A birthday and two migraines

One year older, a few parties, and a couple of migraines pretty much polished off the week. I've obviously had little time to mess with NWN2 but I'm back at it today.

One thing I was playing with is expanding my NWN2 utility to export raw text straight from the game for all of my custom descriptions. That means I can automatically export all the descriptions I'll need for feats, spells, classes, etc for every version without having to do any of that crap manually. I can even have it export into a format that plays nice with the Wikidot format with a few caveats (game tags that wikidot doesn't support will still be there).

I'll probably wrap that project up after I get 1.46 done since I'll need to update all of those descriptions anyway.

WeBeHostin didn't work out so I'm looking at the VPS for a test server though it's a low priority compared to getting 1.46 finished.