Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blaster Improvement Project

After 1.46 this is something I would like to look into further.

The goal here is to provide an across the board toolkit for blasters that provides a single
elemental damage spell of each spell type for each spell level that is valid. This spell will
have full support for energy substitution (fire, cold, electricity, and acid).

Each spell will have a default element that is varied between levels (largely cosmetic but
picking all fire for every spell level would be cheesy). The new spells will be named "Elemental
" plus their type except when the spell already exists (such as fireball). I may try to come up
with a 9 word progression system (Least, Lesser, Greater, Superior) etc to give each spell level
an adjective as well.

The VFX for each spell will be updated to support the 4 elements (pretty sure this was already done by Brian Meyer and made available to the public already).

Spell Types
Bolt - 30' line from 1-4, 60' line from 5-9, Reflex for half
Blast/Orb - RTA, No Save
Cone - 30' cone, Reflex save for half
AE - 20' AOE, Reflex save for half
PBAE - Relfex for half, d8 instead of d6
Volley - Up to 5 missiles, each with a RTA
Cloud - Area damage for up to 10 rounds
Missile - No RTA, No Save, lower damage, elemental magic missile
Wall - Reflex save for half
Storm - Half blunt, half elemental, No save, lower damage cap than AE (one tier less)

Bolt Example: Lightning Bolt
Blast/Orb Examples: Polar Ray, Orb of Fire
Cone Examples: Burning Hands, Cone of Cold
AE Example: Fireball
PBAE Example: Fireburst
Volley Example: Flame Arrow
Cloud Example: Incendary Cloud
Missile Example: Magic Missile
Wall Example: Wall of Fire
Storm Example: Ice Storm

General Notes:
Bolt, Cone, AE, PBAE, Cloud, Wall, and Storm will start with level 2 to 9 spells.
Blast, Volley, and Missile will start with level 1 to 9 spells.

Table: Maximum Damage for Arcane Spells
Arcane Spell Level Max Damage (Single Target) Max Damage (Multiple Targets)
1st 5 dice  —
2nd 10 dice 5 dice
3rd 10 dice 10 dice
4th 15 dice 10 dice
5th 15 dice 15 dice
6th 20 dice 15 dice
7th 20 dice 20 dice
8th 25 dice 20 dice
9th 25 dice 25 dice

Table: Maximum Damage for Divine Spells
Divine Spell Level Max Damage (Single Target) Max Damage (Multiple Targets)
1st 1 die  —
2nd 5 dice 1 die
3rd 10 dice 5 dice
4th 10 dice 10 dice
5th 15 dice 10 dice
6th 15 dice 15 dice
7th 20 dice 15 dice
8th 20 dice 20 dice
9th 25 dice 20 dice

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